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Reaching Milestones and Facing Challenges during COVID-19

Updated: May 2, 2022

The year 2020 has been an incredible year for me both personally and professionally. I celebrated a milestone birthday. I wrote a book. I grew my side hustle into a real income-producing business. And, I was furloughed as the hotel industry came to a halt due to COVID-19.

Like many people, I have never filed for unemployment. And, I’ve never had so much extra time on my hands. Even when I was working full-time, I would spend part of my evenings growing my wine business by doing wine tastings and reaching out to potential wine customers. Then on weekends, my friend and I worked on our book, 100 Things to Do in Galveston Before You Die. Our publisher Reedy Press released the book on April 1, 2020.

Ironically, this extra time allowed me to reach my biggest month in sales with Scout & Cellar and gave me time to promote our book in new ways. Our virtual book launch and the press on our book has positioned us as local experts.

It has also given me time to focus on growing my skills. Like Rachel Hollis says, you can learn anything on YouTube. I also spent a Saturday doing a virtual Rise seminar with Rachel Hollis. Now I’m committing time to sharpen my skills in various areas to further my career.

While I’ve written blogs offering tips for Galveston, I’ve never written a blog offering tips for marketing and communication. And, I’m excited to share my knowledge.

While you can’t control everything in your life, you can control your reaction and your response. At the beginning of the year, I declared my word for the year as FOCUS. And, I will focus on my goals and my future. What’s your word?

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