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As you can guess, I love to travel and an essential part of any trip is discovering the local food and pairing it with a great wine or a locally brewed beer. I’ve enjoyed food tours, wine, and brewery tours worldwide, including Germany, Austria, and Portugal, as well as the United States. So, when a friend introduced me to wine as another income stream in late 2018, I couldn’t resist the idea of marketing wine sourced from small growers from all over the world. Scout & Cellar is the only e-commerce wine company that offers Clean-Crafted™ wine.


Our Clean-Crafted™ Commitment is leaving the planet better than we found it. 

We source Clean-Crafted™ wine from all over the world, creating and bottling delicious wines that offer a sense of place and without synthetic chemicals. Our company works directly with growers and producers who embody our Clean-Crafted™ Commitment in their daily practices. 

Better in the bottle.
Better in your glass.
Better for the planet. 

My role along with other independent wine consultants is to market our wine through direct selling so the growers and winemakers can do what they do best while we share the unknown good of  Clean-Crafted™ wine. 

If you’d like more information about our wine or information about becoming an independent wine consultant, please complete the form below!

Enjoy wine that's grape to glass.

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