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Dive into Galveston

Let’s get this straight, I love Galveston. I was born on the island, so I’m a BOI (yes, it’s a thing) and I was raised here. After college, I begrudgingly returned home for my first real job and I realized that this is where I belong. I love all the quirkiness of a small town. I love that when you got out for lunch or dinner, you always see someone that you know. And, I love that I can enjoy a beach view anytime I have the urge. 


Throughout my professional career, I’ve shared tips about Galveston, given tours to travel writers, friends, and family. I even co-wrote a book with my friend Heidi Lutz called “100 Things to Do in Galveston Before You Die.” 


I’m happy to share some of my favorite blogs and video tours of the island. Follow me on Instagram @galvtravelgirl. I’ve also created a YouTube Channel to curate all of my favorite video tips that I’ve created for my clients. 


"Experience Galveston"


"Things to do in Galveston"


"Luxury Property Tours"

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